Monday, January 20, 2014

The Writhing Dark Anthology

The Writhing Dark Anthology is the companion piece to Shane Tyree’s Kickstarter project, Call of Cthulhu: The Writhing Dark - Playing Cards and Tarot, which successfully funded on December 9, 2013. This e-book anthology of short stories and poetry will be comprised entirely of submissions centering on the weird, horrific, and unknown from the Kickstarter’s backer community. In addition to over forty backer submissions, the e-book will include eight story illustrations drawn by Shane Tyree and two graphic novelizations of backer stories with art by Sami Makkonen. The final product will be printed, bound, and interred in the Lovecraft collection. 

Backers also had the opportunity to order a limited edition print copy containing both of the graphic novelizations, the story illustration artwork, and a small selection of the backer submissions (3-4 stories). The print edition will only available through pre-ordering. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy for $20 (who didn’t already through the Kickstarter) needs to e-mail and ask for a link to the pledge manager before January 30. Both the print copy and e-book have an anticipated delivery date of April 2014.